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Clark Maybon is no longer the ditch rider for Ride 21, Kenny Woods will take his place, his phone number is (208)250-6083.  Please use this phone number to make water orders if Clark Maybon was your ditch rider.  Kenny is an experienced Ditch Rider and has been riding ditch in the Marsing, Homedale area prior to moving into this ride.

With Kenny moving to Ride 21, Adam Combs will be moving from our Maintenance Crew into the Ride 26 Ditch Rider position.  His Phone Number is (208)880-9192 and this will be the number you will call now to order water if Kenny Woods had been you previous Ditch Rider.  

John Eells, Manager has asked for your patience with this change over, but feels things will continue to run smoothly in the transition.

Corona Virus Operation Changes

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic we have made some changes to our operation for your protection and also our employee protection as follows:

  • We now have the doors unlocked but ask that you please keep traffic in the Office to one visitor at a time in the lobby.  In order to comply with the 6 foot distancing rule we are letting in customers one at a time to comply with the social distancing rules. Payments and Federal RRA Forms can still be put through the slot in the door if you would like.  Please call the office at (208)337-3760 for Irrigation Payment Balances and mailing or emailing of Federal RRA forms for completion.
  • We are here to take calls and answer any question or concerns you may have.
  • You will need to contact your ditch rider to make water orders between 7:00 am and 7:30 am with 24 hour notification.  Please contact your ditch rider or the water master Ryan Nash at (208)412-2065 or manager John Eells (208)337-8178 with water delivery questions. A list of Ditch Rider phone numbers are listed in the newsletter. A link to the 2020 newsletter is below.  Please notate the Ditch Rider Changes above for Rides 21 and 26.  

Thank you for your patience in this unusual time, we are doing our best to keep the water flowing smoothly.